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Debut Worship Project from Expression 58
Birthed from a passion for creativity, collaboration, and authentic worship, Expression58 (E58) Worship is excited to launch MAKE WAY, recorded live in Los Angeles.

MAKE WAY was birthed when the music community at E58 began to submit original songs that could be used at the church. Soon, 20 members of the community set off on a retreat, focused on prayer, listening to where God may be leading the community, and songwriting. By the end of the week, the group of 20 people had completed 20 original songs, 8 of which are featured on the 12 song project.  

The album features seven of the community’s worship leaders, performing the songs live at E58 Church.  The band is diverse as the music, with vocalists from the US, Australia, Barbados, and South Africa professional musicians, entertainment professionals, and ministry leaders.  

“This album is a beautiful representation of the community at Expression58,” shares Dan Lutz, Co-Worship Pastor “Behind this collection of raw and authentic original material lies a fabric of friendships that has been woven together over the past few years.  The journey we’ve been on as a family – loss – love – fear – victory – pain – healing – faith – you can hear it all in the songs and stories, all written to bring Jesus close to those who listen.

Much like the worship community, the Expression58 Church began eleven year ago with a specific focus to make a home among the unchurched in the Los Angeles community. Founding pastors Shawn Bolz, Jona and Jennifer Toledo felt called to plant a church committed to the message of Isaiah 58.  A church focused on inspiring personal faith, creative and cultural renewal, and societal transformation.